Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board: President Reveals Proposed Fixes to the Healthcare Bill

Washington, DC – The White House outlined their proposal to put a Band-Aid on the Senate health care bill today.  You can read the entire proposal if you have had three buckets of caffeine this morning here. Although, if you haven’t had breakfast, only that part about them closing “the donut hole” for seniors with their prescription drug costs is going to really jump off the page for you.  The president wanted to reveal this “opening bid,” just in time for the blue team/red team health care summit this Thursday, where one of the topics they will ignore in addition to public option, is what kind of strange disease has turned House Minority Leader John Boehner’s skin a sickly orange that doesn’t typically occur in nature.  The package revisions are supposed to function as tools for reconciliation should the Republican Party choose to filibuster.  (Like they wouldn’t?!?)   Long story short:  insurance companies are still involved, albeit slightly more regulated.  (See credit card story below.) Profits involved = NO REFORM.  It’s just ANOTHER political oxymoron courtesy of people so far out of touch with the American public they can only be construed as morons.  So everybody get ready to put some antibiotic ointment on your melanoma, and keep some aspirin on hand for your next heart attack.  You can be assured of one thing though: if you have a headache, Washington will always have a brain tumor.

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Man with exploding head because of anger with wimpy Democratic healthcare proposals unable to get healthcare because of previous exploding head / wimpy democratic proposals syndrome

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