Monday, July 12, 2010

Confirmed! Oksana Failed Gold Digging: 101

Los Angeles - Mad Mel Gibson’s baby mama Oksana Grigorieva doesn’t have a financial leg to stand on. Radar Online is reporting the singer signed a “cohabitation” agreement, leaving her out in the cold when in comes to Mel’s massive fortune.

If ONLY she had accepted Heather Mills' friend request on Facebook!!

The contract is supposed to include Gibson paying child support for the couple’s baby daughter, Lucia, but so far, Oksana says she hasn’t received any money and has been living on credit cards.

We found it hard to believe that she would sign such a document, but a pal of hers told us, “She signed it last year when she was pregnant. She probably did it out of love, but I hope she has a good lawyer who can blame her hormones for her making such a haywire decision. Otherwise, she’s going to have to find herself another sugar daddy. Based upon her taste in men, it might make sense to note that Jesse James is available.”

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Mel. Gibson said...

I also think she should pay for the sandwich I gave her. A knuckle sandwich!

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