Wednesday, July 28, 2010

L.A. Hairdressers on High Alert – Could Lohan Be Released?

Los Angeles – It’s believed that it is a sure sign that Lindsay Lohan will get out of jail this coming weekend because Hollywood hairdressers have been put on high alert to clean her up for her 30 second former perp walk for the paparazzi.  It’s unclear just which stylist will get the opportunity yet, but everyone has been contacted from the dude responsible for Jennifer Aniston’s light refracting highlights to stylists for big stars from Charlize Theron to Cameron Diaz to Penelope Cruz.  Pretty much EVERY stylist in town with the exception of the hack responsible for Britney Spears’ weave.

A spokesperson for the Lynwood Correctional Facility says the earliest Lindsay would be released would be this Sunday.  That gives the hairdresser plenty of time to work his or her magic!

We asked one stylist to the stars, Franco Fauxguy, what he thought Lilo’s style would look like on her first day as a free woman until she goes to rehab for the umpteenth time.  He told us, “Well, it’s certainly an opportunity for her to rehabilitate her image as well as her body chemistry.  With the current almost cult-like popularity of a TV show like ‘Mad Men,’ I would suggest she go with something like this - 

Unfortunately, as I hear everyone at the jail hates the press, the only facility they will make available to her is a small, dirty public restroom to use before she leaves, so regardless of who works on her, I think she will probably end up looking more like the style pictured below.”

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