Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Blog Trashes Palins

Wasilla - Mercede Johnston is mad. And not just because her parents gypped her by forgetting the "s" on the end of her name at birth, ensuring her a life filled with re-correcting other people's corrections of her name back to the s-less version, but also because she - oh wait a minute - you're thinking "who the hell is Mercede Johnston?!?" Why that would be none other than Palin-daughter-impregnatin-Palin-family-trashin-Playgirl-magazine-butt-showin-in Levi Johnston himself. 

As the 15-minute-clock starts ticking, Mercede is in a tiff with her 12-minutes-and-counting brother over his relationship with the 13-minutes-and-and-counting Baby Mama Bristol, declaring "I will NOT sit down and shut up!" in response to Levi's demand that she shut down her blog, which talks about her relationship to him and her distaste for his Baby Mama. "I can sleep with a completely clean conscious [sic]," she writes, "though I am not sure that others have that luxury." Levi has threatened to break of all relations with Mercede, and we'll just have to see how that pans out. When UD contacted Bristol's mama Sarah for comment, all she would say is "I only have one minute left myself, so I can't spare the time to comment."

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