Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oliver Stone is NOT a Jew Hater

Los Angeles - Hollywood director/conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone has come under fire for making remarks about the "Jewish domination of the media" recently and has quickly apologized.  Stone also remarked that Hitler did far more damage to Russians* than Jewish people and that Israel has f^%ked up U.S. foreign policy for years.

As Stone is actually 50% Jewish HIMSELF, we wondered if the remarks might have been taken out of context, so we asked his rep to provide some clarity.  He told us, “Yes, it’s true that Oliver is Jewish on his father’s side and he’s not into self-loathing.  Besides, the Holocaust is the ultimate Oscar bait.  I don't know why the hell that racist idiot Gibson can't understand that.  Duh!  Have you people even seen Oliver's films?  If you did it would be a moot point, because as every fan knows, Oliver pretty much reserves his hatred for the Viet Cong, money grubbing Republicans and women.”

*Uh, weren't a lot of Russians Jewish?  I've done the play "Fiddler on the Roof!"

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