Monday, August 2, 2010

Blackberry Users Experience Withdrawal Reading Story

The Blackberry's got a problem. A big problem. Well, actually, it's not a problem. It's just that it works TOO well. Many business users prefer the device because it sends e-mail, text, and can surf the web privately, through a process called encryption. You'd think that'd be a good thing, right? Well, the United Arab Emirates begs to differ with you. And they're putting their money where their mouth is with a full ban on the devices to begin in October. The surveillance-heavy government feels the devices are so secure that they actually prevent it from snooping on its citizens' confidential conversations. "Basically we were worried it could be causing judicial, social and national security concerns" said Abu Ben Badman, who then stared hostilely at our reporter and then began talking into a potted plant.

Addicted Blackberry users are strongly advised not to read the full story:

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