Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jury Selection No Easy Feat in Anna Nicole Smith Conspiracy Case

Los Angeles – Selecting a jury for the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case may be more difficult than it was to get the late starlet to give a coherent awards show speech, as the first day left the court with most panelists kicked to the curb.  The judge’s frustration was palpable as Monday’s session in the case against for former model’s boyfriend-lawyer-Svengali Howard K. Stern and her doctors left only a few of the first 60 potential jurors questioned remaining.

Among those dismissed was a man who insisted that psychiatry was a fraud, and that all of the model’s insecurities over being used as a meal ticket/sex puppet for a sycophant loser could haven been cured with vitamins and or/regular visits with Tom Cruise.

There were also fans of Smith’s former reality show on the panel that couldn’t get past the reality that is Howard K. Stern. 

Other potential jurors voiced strong feelings about doctors and prescription medications in general, even wondering aloud why they have to pop 16 Tylenol a day just because they don’t know “who the hell they have to f*&k in this town to get some Vicodin.”

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Milton Q. Tilton said...

A jury of Stern's peers could include Michael Jackson's doctor, Elvis' doctor, Brittany Murphy's doctor and Mengele.

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