Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Big Surprises in Angelina Jolie’s Directorial Debut

Movie siren and humanitarian Angelina Jolie is taking her pretty pout behind the scenes for her next flick and the subject matter is not a big surprise: human suffering.

Jolie has never shared her penchant for gloom and doom with her fans previously (other than thrusting her wing-nut father back into the spotlight due to having reconciled with him), except when she was cast in comedies (like Life or Something Like It) and this move will add more dimensions to her career. 

The film, which she plans to write and direct, will be about a Bosnian woman and a Serbian soldier who fall in love during the war over Yugoslavia's right to change it’s name and never be found on a map again.  We're told there is sure to be much suffering and longing stares in it as well.  Work on the project starts this fall and Jolie is hoping to hire many local citizens  and has already employed many Sarajevo refugees willing to work for food for to staff Kraft Services.

Other soul crushingly depressing locations considered for Jolie’s film locale (and future child adoptions) were Darfur and Haiti.  The city of New Orleans, Jolie’s part time home, is rumored to be furious about losing the possible revenue as they easily could have doubled for any of the locations. 

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