Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today Faces Backlash Over Sarah Palin Hosting Gig

New York – In what only can seem like “stunt casting”, as former Today host and Palin nemesis Katie Couric returned to morning television this week filling in for vacationing Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, NBC offered a guest spot to Sarah Palin on Today – today.

The former half-term Governor’s pending appearance was announced appropriately enough on April Fool’s Day, leaving many viewers to wonder if it was just a bad joke as she’s always complained about the “lamestream” media.  Once it was confirmed as being a real gig because Palin is shameless, social media weighed in on the her appearance this morning and as we are sure you can imagine, reaction was not entirely positive.  Here's a small sampling:

2Hot4U wrote: At least she dressed kind of like a biker chick.  That distracted me every time she opened her mouth.  And I appreciate what she said about wanting to punch a pregnant Jessica Simpson in the neck.  Or maybe she asked someone to punch her in the neck?  Or something.  Either one of them getting punched is a win-win.

Mad Martha wrote: I wouldn’t have questioned someone like Tori Spelling’s knowledge of pigs in a blanket the way that Sarah did by offering Caribou as a substitute for the beloved nitrate-filled pork in the white trash staple - Sarah’s white trash experiences aside.

SuperH8 wrote:  I kind was hoping she’d go rogue on Al Roker because she didn’t like the weather forecast.  It wasn’t good for snowmobiling.

Trixie T. wrote:  At first I thought she was an unusual choice for the “Today’s Professionals” segment, but then I remembered she’s been working professionally as a grifter since August 2009.

CurleyQue wroteI thought it was cool to have somebody say stupid things that they think are hilarious to Matt Lauer to make him feel uncomfortable. I’ve really missed that since Meredith Vieira left.

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Katherine C. said...

How many of the morning programs are going to out-compete her? All of 'em!

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