Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Been MIA Again Lately

Sorry, folks.  As you may recall, I would much rather be writing satire than just about anything else.  This year has totally sucked for inspiration though.  Please feel free to send me links to stories if you are so inclined! I have faced a lot of personal challenges since last fall as well that I didn't expect would zap so much of my funny bone.  I ASSURE you, I want to get it back.  Full on snark.  Despite this being the most boring political election season ever and celebrities not imploding fast enough.

Communicate with me.  Leave comments.  Point out the ironic stuff.  Follow me on Twitter.  I always seem to still find time for those lunatics!

I am also currently working outside of my tomb to keep legalized gay marriage from being overturned in Maryland in the November election.

Keep in touch!  And I'll do my best to do so too.


Laurie B.

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