Saturday, October 13, 2012

Argo: Movie Review

Bad hair dayz....
Short version: This movie rocks and you should go see it. Why: it's good drama, comedy, and has excellent 70s sideburns.

Long version: I was riveted to my seat throughout the whole movie, which takes place during the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in Iran. Six Americans get out of the embassy right before it happens and take refuge in the home of the Canadian ambassador. It's up to CIA guy Ben Affleck to smuggle them out before the Iranians figure out where they are and get 'em. He comes up with this cockamamy idea to fake that a Star-Wars-like-bad-movie is going to be made on an Iranian location and pretend that the Americans are part of the movie crew, then use that as an excuse to smuggle them out of the country. You pretty much already knew that from the commercial, right? What you didn't get from the commercial is that this is a very well done drama, expertly directed by Ben Affleck! The pacing is solid, without seeming rushed, the story is suspenseful and thrilling, and because it's based on a true event, very interesting. Alan Arkin and John Goodman bring the comedy home as the fake producers of the bad Star-Wars knockoff movie (called "Argo") and there are multiple moments in the movie where a pun on the movie name is repeated to good effect (I can't tell you what the pun is without spoiling it, but trust me, you will laugh each time you hear it). The unexpected bonus of this movie was how well it captured the side-burny-post-hippy-hairstyles, big-glasses-on-men, long-straight-hair-on-women, and big-boat cars of the 70s. Much like "Mad Men" captured the spirit of the 60s, this movie does just that for the Carter generation.

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