Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jessica Simpson Rumored to Name Second Baby “Nascar”

Los Angeles – The Interwebs were all a buzz this week as rumors surfaced that pop music and fashion's BIGGEST star, Jessica Simpson, had already picked out a name for one of her Irish twins.

A source close  to the Fashion Star judge (the guy who uses a Dust Buster™ to clean up after Jessica's hair extensions) told Unsolicited Drivel, “Jessie was so excited to get pregnant agin! It’s not like she didn’t like them people at Weight Watchers. She said they was all professional and all. But their system revolves around countin' points and Jessica is under the impression that subtraction is just addition’s tricky little friend.  That’s what her accountant told her.  Anyhow, she sees how much attention that Jenny McCarthy blonde gal gets talkin' about how she’s always horny. So I reckon that means Jessica and that finance of hers that nobody kin ‘member the name of will be pregnant a lot as Jessica can’t count no calories.  We figgered if she names that boy ‘Nascar,’ every time guys Google that there manly sport's name, her name will come up in their searches.  Then they can look at pictures of her and ‘member when she used to be hot. Hot enough to turn the head of that gay papa o' hers even!  Now that be smokin'!”

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