Friday, December 4, 2015

Ammosexuals May Agree to Tone Down Open Carry if They Can Keep Their Gay Porn Secret

"Shut yer yap, Skeeter!"
Hogfart Alabama – Studies have been shown that the highest viewership of gay porn exists in the Bible belt red states. Many studies. More studies, more times than these porn viewers have read the Bible.

They are not going to make a statement to the press. Porn is legal. Despite the fact that Congress voted that they still could shoot anything that moves, whenever they want! So our correspondent down south was getting suspicious.

Honey Lulu was able to disguise herself at their latest KKK meeting (she knows stage make-up). She overheard a man named Billy Bob Beau complain, “That Obama could STILL raid our shacks to take our guns at any time. Ain’t he running for a fourth term? What if he shows up at the wrong time if you catch my drift, you stupid moran?” Skeeter replied, “I reckon so. That’s what I did not read. About the 4th term. Never learned ya know.” The plan was for them to spread the word of caution on private social media pages. And all agreed, you don't need an AK-47 to go to Winn-Dixie. Waffle House, maybe.

Honey Lulu was still suspicious. While Skeeter was out to buy more ammo, figuring it would take him most of the day, she jumped up on the sofa on his porch and peaked through the greasy window. Some of the DVDs included:

  • Duck Dickesty
  • KKKocks
  • Bareback Outhouse
  • How the South’s Boner Will Rise Agin
  • Lynch Me From Behind
  • Getting Boned with the Stars ’n Bars
She concluded the one film that wasn’t porn was Deliverance, and they may even be making their own. The horror!

Unsolicited Drivel thanks you for the great reporting, Honey LuLu!

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