Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exclusive! Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Dress Revealed

New York – There was much buzz among fashionistas yesterday when Chelsea Clinton was seen visiting designer Vera Wang’s studio for a possible wedding dress fitting, but we have the REAL dress plans.

An online gossip site,, is reporting that Chelsea’s visit to Wang was all a ruse to throw the tabloids off base. An “insider” told us, “Chelsea has been a vegan ever since she discovered what her father had been eating in the Oval Office back when she was a child. Not only will the food at the reception be vegetarian, vegan and gluten and flavor-free, but she is also planning on a ‘green’ dress. Literally. She couldn’t really wear white marrying an investment banker, now could she? As you can see from our photo from her fitting, it’s made out of organic, hydroponically grown Romaine Lettuce. She plans to donate it to a food kitchen right after the ceremony.”

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