Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Musicians Jamming to Get in Line for Gulf Aid

New Orleans Residents Lenny Kravitz and Ani DiFranco are putting together a charity concert to rock on May 16th at the Gulf Aid benefit to take place at Mardi Gras World River City in New Orleans. The concert will raise money for families whose livelihoods are likely destroyed (again) by government officials doing a “heckuva job,” and also to aid in wetland recovery efforts.

When reached for comment, concert organizers told us, “thousands of families will be effected by loss of income as they cannot harvest seafood for your shrimp cocktail and it’s time for musicians to step up to help.  We haven’t decided who will write the theme song for the event just yet that you will forget even as your are listening to it, but we’re leaning towards Ke$ha as she looks like she washed up on shore after falling off an oil rig during a spill disaster.”

In addition to headliners Kravitz and DiFranco the concert will be a who’s who of New Orleans music legends including but not limited to: Mos Def, Blind Lime Sorbet-Etouffee, Robert Tommy Skip To My Lou James Johnson, Trans Fats Jax, B.B. Gunn, Mississippi Mud Pie Eye, Junior Senior, Jr.,  Curley Sleepy Barbecue Jefferson, Trashie Tributary, The Neville Brothers and many, many, many other performers.

Tickets will soon be available for $50 exclusively via Elevate (us above sea level).

Previously published.  We will return live on 7/19.

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