Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WikiLeaks: US pays Afghan News Orgs for Favorable Stories

That darn US Army! They're at it again! According to documents from the Wikileaks organization, the Army has paid Afghan news organizations, including radio, print, and web, to run stories favorable to the US and the war, now in its 9th year. The Army event went as far as to hire local reporters on contract and internally refers to them as "our boys." Some stories paint the US Army as benign, others exaggerate civic-rebuilding accomplishments or battle success, while others downplay civilian casualties.

"Ya, our model here is basically Fox News," admitted Colonel Fran Chize, commander in chief for Kandahar province. "Basically they just make a bunch of shit up and then never stop talking about it.  Eventually the repetition wears people down and they start believing everything that's said to them." Our intrepid Unsolicited Drivel reporter was astonished at the Colonel's honesty and asked why he would share such obviously damaging information about the program, which puts the Army's program in a terrible light. "I'm not worried and you can quote me on that,  most Americans get their news from Fox News, not UD."  What was there to say after that?

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