Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bill Cosby: Still NOT Dead

King of clean comedians, Bill Cosby, is madder than Fat Albert would be if a junkyard dog stole his bag of Big Macs over ANOTHER Twitter death rumor.  Cosby has fallen victim no less than four times to the Twits or Twats (as the case may be) perpetuating Internet hoaxes about his death through social media. 

Last night, having had enough, the Cos called into “Larry King Live” to dispel the rumors.  He spoke to someone other than Larry King via the telephone.  That’s not to say that Larry King is dead – we have no proof of that – other than his ratings.  He said, "I don't want this person, or whatever, I don't want them to do this anymore!”

Cosby had joked about his previous Twitter deaths but this one left him quite upset because his family was involved.  His daughter was receiving text messages all morning and became very distraught.  A source close to the family told us, “this one really pissed Bill off when his daughter got a bunch of emails about his alleged death.  I mean, WTF?  He’s not Aaron Spelling!  But I still think she overreacted.  Seriously. With the amount of preservatives that Bill must have ingested over the years from eating Jello Pudding, he should last pretty much indefinitely.”

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Artz said...

That's a good news that Bill Cosby is not dead...

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