Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dennis Miller Hopes to Be Next Big A-Hole on the Radio

Los Angeles – Representatives for Dennis Miller said this week that the failed comedian/failed sportcaster hopes to become the next big, flaming, right wing a-hole in America as his radio show with Dial Global is going nationwide.

Miller’s camp told Unsolicited Drivel, “Clearly the handwriting is on the wall for Rush Limbaugh after the Sandra Fluke controversy.  If Rush finally caves to pressure from liberal scum and decides to leave the radio to ‘spend more time with his future ex-wife,’ that would create a huge void in freakishly conservative assholes on the airwaves.  That’s why we rushed, pun intended, to ink Dennis’ 300-station deal.  Now you’ll be able to hear him in every major market saying sexist, crude remarks.  Pretty nervy for a guy who used to sport a mullet.   Expect Dennis' usual targets like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.  And he's looking forward to slamming Elizabeth Warren’s looks while having no real knowledge about her policies when she kicks Scott Brown’s ass out of the Senate.  We’ll just counter the public outrage from women by having Sarah Palin on the show the next day after Dennis makes a gaffe.  If Sarah’s not available, we’ll get Ann Coulter.  We’re pretty sure she’s female.”

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Mad Dog Michelle Malkin said...

Hey, Denis Miller show! It's me Michelle. You forgot how hateful I can be. That really hurts! I've made Breitbart look like a pussy.

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