Monday, March 5, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Okay With Panned SNL Performance

Lindsay Lohan Okay With Panned SNL Performance
New York – Lindsay Lohan’s hosting gig for Saturday Night Live last weekend has been universally panned.  But a rep of the fading starlet insists she’s doing just fine and isn’t bothered by critical remarks about her performance like, “more wooden than her L.A. court judge’s gavel,” or “I thought she’d get paper cuts on her eyes from the cue cards.”

Lohan’s camp told Unsolicited Drivel, “Everything with SNL went according to plan. Lindsay was deliberately was trying to show the audience that her eyes weren’t dilated by being dependent on the cue cards.  And I must say she did a bang-up job of not knowing her lines.  However, if we had known the writers weren’t going to hardly give her anything to do just because she spent more time on a press junket than in rehearsal, and that most jokes would revolve around substance abuse, we would have totally insisted she play the tipsy Cinderella in the Real Housewives of Disney sketch instead of Kristen Wiig.”

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