Monday, October 15, 2012

Huffington Post Agrees to Continue to Set Civilized World Backwards With Kardahsian Koverage

Krack attack!
New York, and now trashing up other countries' media too - The Huffington Post founder, Arianna Huffington, confirmed for us today that she promises to send the civilized world backwards by continuing to feature non-stories about the Kardashian family.

She told U.D., "I know evereeeone thinks I am some left ving politico, but I've really become obsessed with, how you say, being zee media whore.  I promise I vill still post about Obama and the Mitt Romney erection, but I get many more hits for my vebsite, vich I still don't pay most of the writers on by zee vay, when I continue to post pictures of zee Kardashians' ass-ets?  Get it?  Ven Kim's ass gets it own Tvitter account, I probably von't even have to get out of bed in zee morning as I can just trust my staff, or svaves as I sometimes refer to them, to post Tvitt pictures of zat fat ass all day long!  I can hardly vait.  I'm much older than I look because it's very tiring aggregating everybody's material dahlink!"

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