Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Facebook to Announce Super Cool New Gross-Out Application

TMI, bitch.
Palo Alto, CA - Due to the number of people posting gory details about their illnesses on Facebook, including pictures of their bloody pustulent wounds, broken bones poking through their skin, and gangrenous appendages pre-lop-off, a new site has started up to accommodate: allows people to post pictures of their illnesses and rate others' postings. The ratings go from the least offensive (1="eww") up to middling gross (5="ohmygod") with the highest ranking of disgustingness being (10="you look, you barf"). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, aware of the competition, has stated that a Facebook App is being developed to compete. "The app will share your wound and allow you to search on wound types so you can find wound buddies" Zuckerberg stated. "The only downside is that it will share your entire FB profile with every medical company in the world plus put a picture of your wound on your friends' timelines."

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Paris said...

Geez, a girl uploads on genital herpes sore and all hell breaks loose.

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