Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is That Your Face or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Paris - The French are at it again! In a move sure to be challenged in court, the country's House of Parliament has banned the burqa, the bodysuit-like veil that some traditionalist Muslims wear in public to hide their faces, bodies, personalities, and very existence. The Islamic traditions of some of France's 5 million Muslims is that the landscuba suit is necessary to prevent Islamic men from being sexually tempted by the sight of women's bodies into doing sinful things. The government disagreed, saying that the religious wraparound is against France's tradition of secularism and women's equality - and fashion. We mailed respected scholar Aya Alalalalalala, head of the Freedom to Keep Women from Being Free Brigade, Jihad, and Coffee Bar (now with wifi) for comment and received the following e-mail in response >

"This step forward for women is really a step backward for men. How can we go into the future if we can't hold on to the past? Our right to cling to old traditions and ways for 1,300 years is the only thing we can build a new tomorrow on. Ayalalalalalala!"

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Osama Bin Scrotum said...

Aya: tell it like it is bro. Yours in alayaayayayayaya!

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