Friday, September 30, 2011

Can Magic Mushrooms Cure APD? (Asshat Personality Disorder)

Researchers at a very prestigious medical school that no one will be able to afford to attend in the future found that individuals who ate the mushrooms in a clinical setting reported a long term sense of "not wanting behave like an ignorant, obnoxious, intolerant person" for as long as 14 months after ingestion.

One of the scientists who conducted the testing reported, “The study showed that psilocybin can vastly improve the personalities of your average boil on the butt of humanity.  However, we still need further tests to determine if these mushrooms could have an adequate effect to improve the personality of the usual psycho bitch and/or bastard who ends up starring on reality television.  However, I think it’s still worth trying to cure the one fungus with the other.”

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