Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Ashton Kutcher Already Causing Trouble on “Men?”

Los Angeles -Dude! Where are my dividends?!? Is Ashton Kutcher using CBS to inflate his stock portfolio? After the second Two and a Half Men episode he starred in last Monday, some on the set seem to think so.

Kutcher used unpaid product placement in a scene featuring stickers all over his laptop of tech companies he’s an investor in, including Foursquare, Flipboards, Hipmunk, and Chegg.  And now CBS honchos are allegedly furious.

An insider on the hit sitcom told Unsolicited Drivel, “I guess we didn’t realize we were hiring a complete shill and it truly was a conflict of interest. I don’t think Charlie Sheen ever would have pulled a stunt like that. Granted, his hands would probably have been too shaky to peel the adhesive off the stickers, but I still don’t think he would have flashed logos for whatever companies he invests in, like manufacturers for condoms, lube, dental veneers, big tobacco, or whatever. I confronted Ashton about it and he claimed he wasn’t aware that CBS charged for product placement and that he also wanted to make it obvious that he spent all of last weekend decorating the set of Men to line his pockets on the sly and not cheating on Demi Moore for their anniversary. He said he’d cut it out. But if he doesn’t I’m confident that somewhere in the fine print of his contract it has a no strings attached clause.”

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