Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trump Deletes Tweets, Yet Sadly, Refuses to Delete Himself

You gotta pwoblem wit me?
NY, New Yawk - Self proclaimed King of the USA, Donald Trump, quickly deleted some of the Twitter messages he put up after President Obama's reelection this week.

Trump, who admittedly doesn't drink, can still behave like the biggest asshole in America and APPEAR to be drunk with ease somehow every time he opens his mouth.  He also accomplished this by having his wife (secretary of the luxury condo tower) Tweet with her French manicure, "Well, back to the dwarwing board!"  And something like "This countwy is now a twavesty!!"  He also admitted that he felt Mitt Romney didn't connect with most Americans, like for example, "the blacks," with whom he has a great relationship, but also failed to notice that most of his help is Latino now and Snoop Dog (Lion?) only hangs out with him when he's stoned.  Like he's outta his zone, mon!

We wondered why someone as outspoken as Donald Trump is would take back his words of criticism?  Our current staff historian told Unsolicited Drivel, "Well America's always in need of having at the very LEAST one major asshole and Trump has been willing to fill that bill.  Tough job, but he delivers.  Especially when you consider how it would be so easy for Rush Limbaugh to OD or Bill O'Reilly to be a victim of spontaneous human combustion.  Trump also gets less D-List celebrities on his TV show than Dancing With the Stars.  Be that as it may, and even though former Senator Todd Akin challenged the Donald for the title of 'America's Biggest Asshole'…well, if you know Donald and I do, he doesn't like losing.  Yet he still toned down his Tweets for the time being and had Melania delete some.  Also, it's he likely calmed down a bit when the president sent him his college transcripts via a bald eagle courier that damn near scratched clean off whatever that thing is that lives on his head when it landed."

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Ivana said...

He'll always be my king...king of narcissistic a-holes!

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