Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rocker Bret Michaels Was Allegedly in Tears Due to “Celebrity Apprentice” Firing

New Yawk – Poison front man Bret Michaels was allegedly in tears after his being the first fired from Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars season debut.  The crew said he had tears streaming down his face and they had no idea if he was really THAT upset or if fellow competitor Omarosa had slipped some sliced onions under his bandana. They could not get close enough to the upset rocker to really know for sure.

A pal of Michaels’ told Unsolicited Drivel, “Fans and friends of Bret’s are heartbroken as we thought for sure that Bret would be the first two-time Celebrity Apprentice winner given his amazing work ethic.  I’m sure Omarosa didn’t slip any onions under his bandana because he would never let her get close enough to him to try because he thinks she’s an evil Voodoo priestess – which is why he picked her for his team. BIG mistake. So those tears were real Drivel Lady.  And hasn’t Bret already suffered enough???  Between all of his health problems, having to bang those skanks on Rock of Love, and believe me you would not have wanted to see Bret’s face after seeing the movie version of his musical Rock of Ages last summer. It was like someone had just thrown his puppy under a truck.  The good news though is he and Donald Trump will remain close friends because Donald is the only other rapidly aging dude Bret knows who has hair that's more whack than he does.”

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