Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Clint Eastwood Totally Okay With Flushing 82 Years of Cool Down the Crapper

Carmel, CA – E!, the entertainment channel that provides no real entertainment, announced this week that the family of movie actor tough guy/accomplished director Clint Eastwood will launch their own reality TV show.  This news also proves that at age 82, Eastwood is giving up on renewing his license to be the coolest old dude in Hollywood that didn't give a f*ck.

The series, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, will debut May 20th and will focus more on Eastwood’s wife and their kids.  However, the actor has pledged that he will make occasional guest appearances on the show in an effort to lose all self-respect while disappointing fans.

An entertainment industry insider told Unsolicited Drivel, “I know, wow!  Hard to believe that Dirty Harry would let America into his living room, but it seems like everyone can sell out eventually.  Of course it will likely be just the portion of America that has no appreciation for creativity and likes to watch chicks on TV with big butts prostitute themselves for any paying gig they can possibly get to shill crap products and then have sham marriages.  So I guess America will be watching him from a sofa on their lawns.  Oh well.  Maybe Clint’s just given up on being cool?  It must be exhausting at his age. But there’s still always hope that his appearances will be like Sharon Osbourne and we'll get to see him hurl a ham full throttle at a neighbor’s head and maybe knock it clean off.  His face does kind of seem to be frozen in that ‘Hey you kids! Get offa my lawn!’ expression these days.”

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