Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Friend's Pictures From Yesterday's March Against Trump

St. Petersburg,  FL
No. I didn't go to a march. Long-time readers of this blog may be surprised. I also promise to get back to writing the satire too. The reason I have been MIA quite often is well, because the GOP finally nearly busted my funny bone. It's healing nicely, BTW.

I have a lot of mileage on me and I want to stick to politics at the local level now - because change begins at home! I got my City Council member for District 3 of The Hungry Games here in Baltimore City, and his first order of business was telling President Trump to STFU!!! Well, done Ryan! You must have been listening when I was scream-talking into your ear on my sidewalk for 20 minutes during the primary.

Also, I am what my husband calls a "Gonzo" photographer. I like to take up to 300 shots at a protest. On this blog I have brought you: The birth of the Tea Party, Marching against DADT, Occupy Wall Street (NYC, DC, and Baltimore), the protest to free Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning (Thanks, Obama!) and I also helped to pass gay marriage in Maryland (in my spare time).

I made one criteria (in my head) for my friends in that I would post NO pictures that were just selfies. One dear chum from college failed at that MISERABLY. Alas, she is not included in this collection. Enjoy:

Baltimore, MD - Johns Hopkins U.
Westchester, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Ann Arbor, MI (My family!)

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Johns Hopkins, U.

DC Metro - Washington
Washington, DC

Portland, OR - MY FAVORITE ONE!!!
So, I still had many more to choose from. You may notice I didn't post any pictures that had to do with vaginas, of which there were a LOT, and signs with the word "PUSSY" as we have heard that enough from Trump for a lifetime. The march on Saturday, January 21st was all inclusive and united America once again. Police were even wearing pink hats! Some dumb-ass on Facebook posted, "I thought police were supposed to SUPPORT Trump!" I replied, "Why don't you ask the NYPD about that?" #Solidarity

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